A New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture
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Title:      A New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture
BookID:      175
ISBN-10(13):      0171220102
Publisher:      Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
Publication date:      FFEFEF
Edition:      Rev. and updated
Number of pages:      1377
Language:      English
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Description:      Product Description
This is a reference book not only for Roman Catholics but for readers of widely differing denominations or of none. It represents a great advance in the field of Biblical studies and a significant contribution to the ecumenical movement in the church today. In addition to detailed commentaries on all canonical and deutero-canonical books in the Bible, there are general articles covering such diverse topics as: 'Archaeology and the Bible'; 'The history of Israel'; 'The pagan World in New Testament Times', 'The life of St. Paul', 'Measures: Weights, money and Time'. The maps at the end of the volume embody the results of recent excavations and show all the archeological sites.
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