Language of the Heart: How to Read the Bible: A User's Guide for Catholics
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Title:      Language of the Heart: How to Read the Bible: A User's Guide for Catholics
BookID:      182
Authors:      Noel Cooper
ISBN-10(13):      2895074011
Publisher:      Novalis
Publication date:      2001-01-01FFEFEF
Number of pages:      360
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
This book is a one-volume guidebook to the Bible for adults who want to dig deeper into their Bibles. Cooper takes readers on a chronological exploration of all of the books of the Bible. He presents readers with a sense of overall story as well as with a number of analytical tools for further reflection and additional study.
Each page of text has a sidebar entitled Where to Look, which guides readers to appropriate verses that link directly, and sometimes as point/counterpoint to the content of each particular chapter.
Noel Cooper has been training Religious Education teachers for over 25 years. His latest educational innovation is to offer a Bible Study course online for which Language of the Heart will be a resource.
The user-friendly style and convenient side-bars make this an easy-to-read all-purpose guide to reading the Bible.
The world of the Bible seems hopelessly far away and long ago. And yet the Bible continues to be the best-selling book in prosperous 21st-century societies that are highly technological, devoted to personal freedom, suspicious of religious institutions, superstitious in their own way, struggling towards equity, and still frighteningly violent. Fundamentally, the people of the Bible were people like us. What can we learn from them and from their Book?
"The people of biblical times dealt with their deepest hopes and fears in the light of their sense of God. Their faith was so comforting and challenging that it has stood the test of centuries, and endures as comfort and challenge to people of our time still." - Noel Cooper, from theIntroduction
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