The Collegeville Bible Commentary: New Testament, Based on the New American Bible
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Title:      The Collegeville Bible Commentary: New Testament, Based on the New American Bible
BookID:      184
Authors:      Robert J. Karris
ISBN-10(13):      0814622119
Publisher:      Liturgical Press
Publication date:      1992-09-01FFEFEF
Edition:      First Printing
Number of pages:      464
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
Looking for a Bible commentary that is comprehensive yet concise? One that contains the latest in biblical scholarship -- literary, historical, and theological -- without the complex theories and debates?Try The Collegeville Bible Commentary (CBC) -- a simple and easy guide to reading and understanding the Bible. The Collegeville Bible Commentary series contains time-tested analysis, from a wide variety of authors, that provides a fresh approach for those looking for help in understanding and appreciating the Good News. Individuals and groups (including an established and respected Scripture study program) trust The Collegeville Bible Commentary and its family of resources for its comprehensive, educational, and straightforward presentation. Follows the New American Bible (NAB) translation.Non-specialist readers, catechists, clergy, and preachers will find The Collegeville Bible Commentary a valuable resource for reflection and prayer with God's Word.Now The Collegeville Bible Commentary is available in an affordable two-volume paperback edition. Special "ease" binding allows the volumes to lay open without assistance. Perfect for classroom use or personal study.
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