John: The Discourses of Controversy: Meditations of John 6-12
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Title:      John: The Discourses of Controversy: Meditations of John 6-12
BookID:      227
Authors:      Adrienne Von Speyr
ISBN-10(13):      089870412X
Publisher:      Ignatius Pr
Publication date:      1993-03-01FFEFEF
Number of pages:      444
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
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  Adrienne Von Speyr The mystic von Speyr continues her reflections on the Gospel of John, concentrating here on the discourses of Jesus in chapters 6-12. The various other events included by Saint John in these chapters are seen primarily by him as the occasion for new confrontations between Jesus and his disputants. These reflections present the moment in which the limited, self-satisfied standpoint of Christ's hearers must let itself be burst open into the unlimited, loving standpoint of the Lord. Some of the controversial discourses in this section of John's Gospel which von Speyr comments on include: The Multiplication of the Loaves; The Bread of Life; The Adulteress; The Man Born Blind; The Raising of Lazarus; The Good Shepherd, and The Entry into Jerusalem. The combination of the Scripture verses and von Speyr's moving meditations provide rich nourishment for prayer and spiritual reading. This series is particularly important because the spirituality of Saint John, the Apostle of Divine Love, was the central source of von Speyr's own spiritual life.
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