The Gospel in Parable
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Title:      The Gospel in Parable
BookID:      264
Authors:      John R. Donahue
ISBN-10(13):      0800624807
Publisher:      Fortress Press
Publication date:      1988-04-01FFEFEF
Edition:      Reprint
Number of pages:      268
Language:      English
Rating:      4.5 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
Professor Donahue here argues that "the parables of Jesus" offer a Gospel in miniature, while at the same time giving shape, direction, and meaning to the Gospels in which they appear. "To study the parables of the Gospels is to study the gospel in parable." After surveying recent discussions of parable, metaphor, and narrative, Donahue examines and interprets the parables of Mark, Matthew, and Luke as texts in the context of the theology of each of these Gospels. Finally, he outlines what "The Gospel in Parable" looks like and offers suggestions for the proclamation of parables today.
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