The Letters of Paul: Interpreting Biblical Texts Series
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Title:      The Letters of Paul: Interpreting Biblical Texts Series
BookID:      268
ISBN-10(13):      0687008522
Publisher:      Abingdon Press
Publication date:      1996-11-01FFEFEF
Number of pages:      176
Language:      English
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Description:      Product Description

The Interpreting Biblical Texts series presents a concise edition covering the seven undisputed epistles of Paul.

In this volume, Charles Cousar is primarily concerned not with the man Paul and his life and work, but with his surviving letters. Part 1 introduces methods in reading the Pauline letters. Part 2 attends to the critical themes emerging in the letters--the decisiveness of Jesus Christ and old versus new life. Part 3 discusses the other six letters bearing Paul's name that appear in the New Testament.

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