John Henry Newman: A Biography
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Title:      John Henry Newman: A Biography
BookID:      62
Authors:      Ian Ker
ISBN-10(13):      019959659X
Publisher:      Oxford University Press
Publication date:      2010-10-28FFEFEF
Edition:      Reissue
Number of pages:      784
Language:      English
Rating:      0.5 
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This full-length life of John Henry Newman is the first comprehensive biography of both the man and the thinker and writer. It draws extensively on material from Newman's letters and papers. Newman's character is revealed in its complexity and contrasts: the legendary sadness and sensitivity are placed in their proper perspective by being set against his no less striking qualities of exuberance, humour, and toughness. This book attempts to do justice to the fullness of Newman's achievement and genius: the Victorian 'prophet' or 'sage' who ranks among the major English prose writers; the dominating religious figure of the nineteenth century, who can now be recognised as the forerunner of the Second Vatican Council and the modern ecumenical movement; and finally, the universal Christian thinker, whose significance transcends his culture and time.
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