Katia: A Personal Vision of Catherine De Hueck Doherty
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Title:      Katia: A Personal Vision of Catherine De Hueck Doherty
BookID:      63
Authors:      Emile Briere
ISBN-10(13):      2890391590
Publisher:      Madonna House Pubns
Publication date:      1998-01-01FFEFEF
Number of pages:      175
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
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Description:      Product Description
A priest shares his intimate personal vision of Catherine Doherty.

"Many people will write a biography of Catherine. I write from my own point of view, which is that of friend and confidant."

This very personal account of their relationship presents a unique glimpse into the soul of a woman passionately in love with God and fully aware of love of her neighbour as the tangible expression of this love.

"Katia" is the Russian name for "Catherine." It is a familial, intimate name, one used only by close friends. In this sense, it is a most appropriate title for this book about Catherine Doherty by Father Emile Briere. It is a personal vision which flowed from the author's very close association and friendship with Catherine such closeness gave the author insights into Catherine's great mind and heart which few have been graced to receive.

The author was priviledged to be with Catherine in her trials and joys, in her struggles with the birthing and guidance of the Madonna House Apostolate, and, in a special way, in her last years of illness, when God often tests his servants most profoundly. For the first time in book form, we have an account of some of the circumstances surrounding Catherine's last illness and death.

For these and many other reasons, nothing like Katia has ever been published about Catherine before. Indeed, few people knew and loved Catherine as Father Emile Briere.
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