On Christian Belief (Works of Saint Augustine (Numbered))
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Title:      On Christian Belief (Works of Saint Augustine (Numbered))
BookID:      572
ISBN-10(13):      1565482344
Publisher:      New City Press
Publication date:      2005-12-01FFEFEF
Number of pages:      376
Language:      English
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The seven works of Augustine that are contained in this volume all deal with the problem of faith in God. They were written over the course of three decades, beginning with True Religion (390) and extending to the Enchiridion on Faith, Hope, and Charity (c. 421). Hence this selection of writings provides an impressive insight into the intellectual and spiritual development of one of the greatest of all Western minds, as it grappled with a question that has never ceased to preoccupy and stimulate Western thought: Is it reasonable to believe in God, and what form might such belief take?

Each of these seven works is a new translation into contemporary English, and each is introduced by the German Augustinian scholar Michael Fiedrowicz, who has also written a valuable general introduction.

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