Music Of Unity And Peace
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Title:      Music Of Unity And Peace
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Artist:      Taize
Label:      Deutsche Grammophon
Release date:      2015-03-17
Number of Discs:      1
Binding:      Audio CD
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Language:      English
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Taize is a unique ecumenical monastic order based in Burgundy, France, housing more than 100 Catholic and Protestant Brothers from over 30 different countries.

Hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world travel to Taize each year to make music with the Brothers, pray, study and enjoy the community. Social media campaigns with your local Taize networks can play a big part in your marketing campaigns.

Music music written especially for Taize - plays a central role in the life of the community; songs are sung in many languages, so as to include people and traditions worldwide.

The recording is an extraordinary collection of the most beautiful chants and songs of the Taize community, performed by the Brothers themselves and for the first time - a hand-picked choir of young visitors on their annual pilgrimage.

At the very heart of this beautiful music is simplicity, repetition and congregation. It is music to enjoy and share, but also to sing to, and meditate to. It transcends religion, and has hypnotic, relaxing and reflective qualities that can speak to a wide and non-religious audience.

This album marks the very first collaboration of this world-renowned Christian community with a major label, and is set for release ahead of the special double anniversary year in 2015: the centenary of Taize s founder, Brother Roger, and the 75th anniversary of the community itself.
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