Christology at the Crossroads:
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Title:      Christology at the Crossroads:
BookID:      652
Authors:      Jon Sobrino
ISBN-10(13):      1592440959
Publisher:      Wipf & Stock Pub
Publication date:      2002-11-20FFEFEF
Number of pages:      458
Language:      English
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All theology is contextual; but not all contextual theology is good theology. Truly great theology must be rooted in a double context: it must be obedient to the living Jesus, and it must work out that obedience in the time and place in which it is set. Chris toh)gy at the Crossroads is an example of truly great contextual theology. The context in which Fr Sobrino writes is South America and the dominating presence of the oppressed. The situation demands an "operational" theology, a theology which will make a real difference to the way people live and die and suffer. In a real sense it would be true to say that the liberation theologians are concerned about theology not at all as a cognitive discipline but only as a way of following Jesus. In this book Fr Sobrino applies the method and the passion of liberation theology to Christology, and the result is fascinating: it excited me, and it filled me with guilt and dread. Fr Sobrino describes his approach as "historical Christology", and by that he means that we must return to the Jesus of history if we are to avoid treason to the Christ of faith. A theology which cuts itself free of the passion and defeat of the human Jesus in the name of a theology of the Risen Christ ends by losing both. Jesus can only be Christ for us if we follow his way. It is impossible in the compass of a short review to do justice to such a compelling and comprehensive book. It is radical without being reductionist. It is relentless in its refusal to let us avoid the challenge of Jesus by sliding into theological or cultic abstractions. It will stimulate, illuminate and infuriate those whose minds are jaded by the current state of British theology. And, like all great theology, it will bring you uncomfortably close to the living Jesus' (Richard Holloway in Church Times).
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