The Early Christians: The Incredible Odyssey of Early Christianity
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Title:      The Early Christians: The Incredible Odyssey of Early Christianity
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Publication date:      2011-02-15
Studio:      Ignatius Press
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Number of Discs:      2
Run Time:      270
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How did the religion of Love survive paganism and barbarianism? The Empire persecuted the Christians and was eventually converted. The Barbarians sacked Rome, but were converted too.

How did the religion of Love manage to survive against paganism and barbarianism? How did the first Christians live? Who were their most terrible enemies: idols, lions, Jews... or heretics? How did they defend their faith? How did they propagate it?

The blood of the martyrs was the seed for new Christians. But after the persecutions of the Romans and the barbarian invasions came another grave danger for the new religion: heresies... They would not be lethal. On the contrary, they provided the opportunity to define the essential truths of Christian faith, consolidating the roots of a millennial Church. This in-depth new film series produced in Europe explores this amazing story of the witness of the early Christians and the spread of Christianity.

Nine half-hour programs:

1. The Scandal of the Cross
2. The Empire's Conversion
3. Persecution and Defense
4. The Threat of the Heresy
5. Constantine and The End of the Persecutions
6. Saint Augustine, A Light in the Darkness
7. Monks, Virgins and Hermits
8. Baptizing the Barbarians
9. Byzantium, The New Rome

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