The Catholic Church: A History
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Title:      The Catholic Church: A History
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36 lectures on 6 DVDs, by Professor William R. Cook, State U of NY at Geneseo. 1From Jesus to the Creation of the Church 2The First Christian Institutions 3Christianities in the Early Church 4Persecution and Saints 5Peace between Empire and Church 6Institutional and Doctrinal Developments 7Latin Theology, Including Augustine 8Popes and Bishops in the Early Middle Ages 9Monasticism-Benedict and His Rule 10Evangelizing Northern and Eastern Europe 11The Germanization of Christianity 12Charlemagne and the Church in Feudal Times 13Monks and Hermits-New Forms of Monasticism 14Papal Reform and Church-State Controversies 15Crusade, Heresy, Inquisition 16The Papacy-Innocent III to Boniface VIII 17Francis, Dominic, and the Mendicants 18Flowering of Church Art in the Middle Ages 19Scholastic Thought 20Medieval Mysticism 21The Great Schism and the Conciliar Age 22The Renaissance Church 23Luther, Calvin, and the Reformation 24Catholic Responses-The Council of Trent 25The Jesuits 26Catholicism in Asia and the New World 27American Catholicism 28The Church in the Age of Reason 29Pius IX and Papal Infallibility 30Leo XIII and the Modern World 31The Eastern Catholic Churches 32The Second Vatican Council 33The Catholic Church Looks Outward 34The Challenges of New Theologies 35John Paul II and the 21st-Century Church 36One? Holy? Catholic? Apostolic?
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