Life's Greatest Lesson
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Title:      Life's Greatest Lesson
BookID:      14
Authors:      Allen R. Hunt
ISBN-10(13):      1937509583
Publisher:      Beacon Publishing
Publication date:      2013-11-15FFEFEF
Edition:      1st
Number of pages:      160
Language:      English
Rating:      4.5 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
Something is missing. You are not whole just yet. What if you had a need in your life that turned out to be the greatest need of all? A need that you unexpectedly discovered, almost by accident? What if that need, when satisfied, grew into the most deeply rewarding aspect of your life?

You do have such a need. And when you satisfy this need, your life will be transformed in ways you could never imagine. You will never have to worry about ending your life like Ebenezer Scrooge, full of bitterness and regret. Because you will have found the cure for selfishness, for anxiety, for sluggishness, and even for anger.

That transformation will propel you toward becoming the-best-version-of-yourself. Best of all, you will lead a life full of love. You will have discovered life s greatest lesson.

This book, and the parable Allen Hunt shares in it, will show you how to get the most out of your life how to return to the grace of who you really are.

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