What Do Catholics Believe? (What Do We Believe?)
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Title:      What Do Catholics Believe? (What Do We Believe?)
BookID:      363
Authors:      Leonie Caldecott
ISBN-10(13):      1847080030
Publisher:      Granta UK
Publication date:      2008-04-07FFEFEF
Number of pages:      128
Language:      English
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The Catholic Church is by far the largest Christian denomination and the largest organized body of any world religion. Well over a billion people—or more than one-sixth of the world’s population—belong to the Roman Catholic Church. But what do Catholics actually believe? While not neglecting those aspects of the faith which all Christians share, this volume pays particular attention to those aspects of the faith which make Catholicism distinctive. It emphasizes the importance to Catholics of Church history, in both its positive and negative aspects, and the central role of the Papacy. But more important still is the sacrament of Mass: the participation—through an act as simple as eating—in God's divinity.

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