Pastoral and Occasional Sermons
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Title:      Pastoral and Occasional Sermons
BookID:      471
Authors:      Ronald Knox
ISBN-10(13):      0898708230
Publisher:      Ignatius Press
Publication date:      2002-03-01FFEFEF
Number of pages:      1112
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
The highly esteemed Catholic convert, writer and apologist Ronald Knox, a master of the English language, was well regarded for his gifts both of writing and preaching. This volume combines both skills as it is a collection of his homilies on all the important themes of the spiritual and moral life, and on his favorite saints, men and women of history who were "inflamed with the love of Christ". In his always descriptive, profound and witty style, Knox covers a very wide variety of pastoral themes for Christian living and growth in spiritual perfection. Themes such as "The Fatherhood of God", "The Sermon on the Mount", "The Gifts of God", "The Triumph of Suffering", "The Divine Sacrifice", and dozens more. In his "occasional" sermons on saints and Christian heroes, he shows how these heroes of history struggled with many of the same spiritual battles that modern believers encounter daily, and overcame them with faith, courage, character and virtue. These are the shining witnesses of the truth and charity we all seek to emulate.

This is a deluxe volume, beautifully printed and bound on Bible paper with a faux-leather hard cover.

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