Madonna: Mary in the Catholic Tradition
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Title:      Madonna: Mary in the Catholic Tradition
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ISBN-10(13):      157910195X
Publisher:      Wipf & Stock
Publication date:      1998-11-24FFEFEF
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Language:      English
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"My Lady” in Italian...evokes memories of magnificent paintings over the Christian centuries, each artist trying to convey an impression of some aspect in the mystery of Mary, the woman chosen by God for a special relationship in His Incarnation, and through Him to all His people. There have been many Madonnas through the ages, but only one Mary, Mother of Jesus. Like the mystery of her divine Son, her participation in the rightness of divine Truth can only be contemplated by our limited minds from a great variety of approaches. The subtitle, "Mary in the Catholic Tradition” implies that no matter how her image may vary from one generation or culture to the next, our faith is focused on the authentic Mary of Scripture, Tradition and infallible Church teaching, revered not for herself but as the Mother of Christ.   By Frederic M. Jelly O.P.
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