Dear Father: A Message of Love for Priests
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Title:      Dear Father: A Message of Love for Priests
BookID:      313
Authors:      Catherine De Hueck Doherty
ISBN-10(13):      0921440766
Publisher:      Madonna House Pubns
Publication date:      2001-01-01FFEFEF
Edition:      3rd edition
Number of pages:      138
Language:      English
Rating:      0 
Picture:      cover
Description:      Product Description
A new, expanded edition of Catherine s popular classic!

"I wish I could tell every priest that I share his pain and joy, whatever it may be, because I love the priesthood passionately.

"No one is more relevant today than a priest who understands his role as the servant of the Word; as one who can give us God under the form of bread and wine.

"We long to hear your voices echoing the call of the one Shepherd you represent so tangibly for us. We need to hear your voices clearly and we need to hear them now... You are the most important people in the Church today."

Are you a priest searching for clear answers to questions about the meaning of the priesthood, or a layman -- or seminarian -- considering becoming a priest?

Or are you a layperson seeking better awareness and appreciation of God s gifts to the Church in and through his priests?

Dear Father: A Message of Love for Priests is the book for you. To read yourself or to give as a gift to challenge, encourage, reassure, inspire any priest or aspiring priest, or layperson in relationship with priests.

This new edition of Catherine's classic book has been expanded, and features five new chapters, including: The Call to Priesthood, Anointed Teachers, Our Lady Mother of the Priesthood, Priesthood and Loneliness, A Life Offered for Priests.
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