The Sacraments: How Catholics Pray
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Title:      The Sacraments: How Catholics Pray
BookID:      418
Authors:      O. F. M. Thomas Richstatter
ISBN-10(13):      0867161760
Publisher:      Saint Anthony Messenger Press
Publication date:      1995-06-01FFEFEF
Number of pages:      135
Language:      English
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"The sacraments are such a 'special' kind of prayer that many Catholics do not think of them as prayer at all!" says the author. "...They think of sacraments as something we 'receive,' not a way in which we pray." This introduction to the sacraments explains the meaning of the rites, gives reasons for why Catholics do what they do and tells something of the history of the sacraments to help you understand how Catholics pray. The author writes for Catholics who need a quick refresher course in the sacraments and for those of other faiths who, for whatever reason, want to know more about Catholic prayer. The Sacraments is recommended especially for inquirers and Catechumens in the RCIA.
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