Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Hillenbrand Books Studies)
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Title:      Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Hillenbrand Books Studies)
BookID:      435
Authors:      Michael McGuckian
ISBN-10(13):      1595250077
Publisher:      Hillenbrand Books
Publication date:      2007-04-23FFEFEF
Number of pages:      144
Language:      English
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This unique study explores the coherence of the Catholic tradition in relation to the fundamentals of faith. It will provide the reader with a contemporary understanding of traditional sacrifice. Catholic theology has struggled for an adequate account of the doctrine of sacrifice. In this book, McGuckian contends that the 'concept of sacrifice is central to the whole vision of faith. The Eucharist makes the Church, and the Eucharist is a sacrifice, so if we do not understand sacrifice we do not understand the Church.' The Catholic faith contends that the Eucharist is a sacrifice. This introspective and contemplative work gives an intriguing and compelling account of how it actually is. Michael McGuckian, a Jesuit of the Irish Province, teaches at St. Peter's Major Seminary, Malawi, Australia. Published by Liturgy Training Publications.
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