The Breaking of the Bread: The Development of the Eucharist according to Acts
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Title:      The Breaking of the Bread: The Development of the Eucharist according to Acts
BookID:      456
Authors:      Eugene Laverdiere
ISBN-10(13):      1568541481
Publisher:      Liturgy Training Publications
Publication date:      2007-04-08FFEFEF
Edition:      First Edition
Number of pages:      249
Language:      English
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As shown in Father LaVerdieres first volume, Dining in the Kingdom of God, Luke's Gospel is a chronicle of Jesus journeys and meals along the way to Jerusalem. From the placing of the infant Jesus in a manger (where animals feed) to the meal the risen Christ shared with his disciples before the ascension, Luke's Gospel is a story of meals. The second part of Luke's chronicles, the Acts of the Apostles, continues the narrative of meals, hospitality, and Eucharist in the life of the early Church. LaVerdieres eloquent scholarship makes the wonders of Luke's work accessible to all and helps us to understand the Eucharist as liturgy and as life.Father LaVerdiere is a senior editor of Emmanuel magazine and a professor of New Testament at Mundelein Seminary and the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He holds a doctorate in New Testament and Early Christian Literature and is the author of 'Luke' (New Testament #5), 'When We Pray', 'The New Testament in the Life of the Church', and 'The Eucharist in the New Testament'. Published by Liturgy Training Publications.
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