Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained




The Adult Faith Resource Library is pleased to offer Symbolon, a video resource that can be used in many ways:


For the Individual Family - as an in-home tool to help parents fulfill their role as the first educators of their children in the Faith and to raise their children to be lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.


For RCIA Catechists, Catechumens and Candidates - as a frame of reference to help discover what it means to believe in and live the Catholic Faith and more deeply understand the Sacred Scriptures and their application to daily life. It will also help those who teach the Faith have a more complete and cohesive understanding of our Catholic Faith and to express it more clearly to whom they teach.


For the Christian Community - to deepen the growth of parishioners as they participate in a variety of subgroups and apostolates within the parish and to help them grow in the Faith through study, discussion, prayer and service.


Watch the following video and learn how Symbolon can help enrich your faith and your Christian community:




Visit our Library at the Catholic Pastoral Centre to borrow this resource.