Untold Blessing:

Three Paths to Holiness


Untold Blessing - Three Paths to Holiness


The Adult Faith Resource Library is pleased to offer Father Barron's Untold Blessing: Three Paths to Holiness, a video resource from Word On Fire Catholic Ministries, a nonprofit global media apostolate:


"Our ultimate goal is to be a saint. It is our greatest calling and what is desired for us by our Creator. Father Robert Barron paints a beautiful and mysterious image of what it takes to be a follower of, “the One who is, Jesus Christ.” He lays out three intriguing paths to holiness: Finding the Center; Knowing You’re A Sinner; and Realizing Your Life is Not About You. He also provides practical approaches to enhance the journey along these three paths. Untold Blessing and its companion book, The Strangest Way, are insightful guides for meditation as you walk in the Way, either for personal reflection or for small group study and discussion."


- Word on Fire



Here is a video preview of Untold Blessing: Three Paths to Holiness featuring Father Barron:




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