Catholicism - The New Evangelization


Catholicism - The New Evangelization



"It takes one generation from inadequate adult catechesis to non-church attendance, and then it only takes one generation from non-church attendance to unbelief." - CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization trailer



The Adult Faith Resource Library is pleased to offer Father Baron's Catholicism - The New Evanglization, an informative video from Word on Fire. This 90 minute video first of all explains what the "New Evangelization" is, and then demonstrates how it is done by giving us examples of evangelization in action. This DVD set also includes four hours of extra features, including speeches and interviews with prominent Catholics.



"The Catholic Church is in peril. Doubt, dwindling numbers and the pervasive influence of secularism threatens to say "no" to the religion of "yes." But we are not content to succumb to the naysayers, and instead we ramp up our efforts to spread the joy, the love and the Word to the world. This is the New Evangelization, and this is our story." - Word on Fire 



Watch a video trailer and a talk by Father Barron regarding Catholicism - The New Evangelization, below: 





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