Calls for Conscience Campaign

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Call for Conscience Campaign: Ontario 2021

My Dear Friends: the bishops of Ontario have been informed that conscience legislation dealing with euthanasia and assisted suicide may be presented at Queen’s Park as early as mid-February this year. This legislation is expected to be a private member’s bill. It will assist, in particular, Catholic doctors, nurses, and health care workers to follow their conscience in objecting to participate in care that is contrary to our Catholic faith teachings and moral codes. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, churches are not able to meet in person to conduct this campaign, and the bishops have been asked to do this digitally. At the end of this message, you will see a link to a website which will assist you in sending an e-mail to your local MPP encouraging that this legislation be passed. In the end this will protect those Catholics working in health care in Ontario from being forced to participate in care which is contrary to their Catholic beliefs and moral understanding. As the bishop of the diocese I ask that you please click on this website to support this important legislation and to acquire further information about this Call for Conscience Campaign.

Thank You
Bishop Fred Colli