Catholic Reading Challenge

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One Beautiful Dream - Reading Challenge July 2019

Good morning, folks!

I’m back with another promo on a few of the books that made it onto Hannah Hay’s Reading Challenge list, along with a short review from Hannah on one of the books! Read on …

Catholic Reading Challenge July 2019


Jennifer Fulwiler is a mom of six kids, a blogger, and a Sirius XM radio host.  One Beautiful Dream is her story of having babies and chasing passions. It’s real, relatable, and inspiring.

Jennifer has an amazing insight into modern motherhood. For a long time, she struggles to make it as a mom on her own. She doesn’t have very many mom friends at first (due in part to her conversion and move to the suburbs). Other moms seem to have their lives together, while she lets her kids bounce on the couch and can’t keep up with the laundry. Slowly, she realizes her need to accept help from friends and family. She also lets go of the personal pressure she’d put on herself:

“Since I’d become a parent, I’d had this idea that the perfect mother would spend hours out of each day on the floor with her young children, gazing into their eyes as she slowly articulated the sound of each letter on the educational wooden alphabet blocks they were building into a tower. … Now I suddenly realized that mothers throughout history never did this; they never had time. Children’s primary sources of entertainment were outdoor play and other kids, not their mothers.”

Each chapter contains a nugget of wisdom, a tidbit of truth that Jennifer has learned. It’s a beautiful, honest look at real mom life and how we women can be moms and pursue our passions too.