Clergy News Update on Covid-19 – Phase 3

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

Update on Covid-19 – Phase 3

Masks are Required to Enter – No Exceptions – Sign (PDF)

Instruction Letter to Employers Businesses and Operators (PDF)

Clergy News July 20, 2020 (Official PDF)

– With the opening of Phase 3 in the province of Ontario we are asked to continue following all the protocols outlined in the last phase with the opening of our churches. (one third capacity, markings on pews and floors, sanitation at the door, physical distancing, washing of hands, and sanitizing of the church and washrooms, etc.)

– Phase 3 brings a new norm for Thunder Bay at present, which is the wearing of a face mask or covering when in all public places, including churches. This was a Board of Health regulation put into effect July 24, 2020.

– Priests do not need to wear a face mask during Mass but should put one on when they distribute Holy Communion, as should deacons and extra ministers of Communion.

– People who have a medical condition, children under 2 years of age, and people who cannot wear a mask for some other condition, are not obliged to do so. (regulations in the Board of Health website)

– Please post on the doors of your church, a SIGN indicating the need for people to wear a mask in your building.

– Choir members and cantors should put on their mask when not singing. Lectors or readers should do the same.