Clergy News – Covid19 Update (April 25th, 2023)

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

COVID UPDATE: With many hospitals and long term care facilities easing the restrictions for Covid, we will now use the following recommendations for all our churches and parish facilities in our diocese as of April 25, 2023.

Clergy News – Covid 2023 (Official PDF)

– Masks are always optional in all our church facilities, and this should be made clear to all parishioners.
– Sanitizing stations should be at all doors in churches and halls.
– No mask is required when distributing Holy Communion.
– Ministers of Communion should now say: “The Body of Christ” to the recipient for the “Amen” response.
– Priests and all Ministers of Communion should thoroughly wash their hands before Mass – or sanatize them before distributing Holy Communion.
– Holy Water stoups with holy water may now be used in our churches.
– Children’s Liturgies may commence again in parishes with all the proper supervisions.
– We ask anyone who is feeling ill – not to attend church until they are better.
– All parishes should make sure all facilities are clean and safe for all people attending Mass or for other functions.
– Thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding – let us all be vigilant and be aware if there are any changes in our community concerning Covid.