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Pope Francis Visit to Canada
All day long
From 24-07-22 to 29-07-22

It was announced last week that Pope Francis will be visiting Canada from July 24- 29th this year. His trip will consist of three stops, one in Quebec City, where the Catholic church began in Canada, one stop in Edmonton and one stop in Iqaluit. The purpose of the Pope’s visit is a pastoral one. He is coming to fulfill the promise he made to our Indigenous people who visited him in Rome, that he would come to Canada to once again see the difficulties and issues that have resulted from the government4’s Residential School policy in Canada affecting our Indigenous populations. The Pope has already expressed his sadness and sorrow and felt shame for what has happened and as the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church in the world, he will bring his wisdom and compassion in his message to all
Canadians in this visit. We welcome Pope Francis this July and we pray for a very successful and healing journey.

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