How to Start a Good Catholic Library – Part 3

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love to read. The Holy Spirit worked through books to bring me closer to God. In my mind, books have changed my life. I recently listened to an amazing new podcast, The Burrowshire Podcast with Brandon Vogt, from Word on Fire, and Fr. Blake Britton. I know many of our subscribers do not listen to podcasts so the past 2 weeks I have been sharing with you some of the wisdom from these two men, as well as some must have books! We have talked about why we need a good catholic library. We have talked about some of the core needs in that library. This is the third and final part of this series.


1. Find a several good book lists that you would like to work your way through. Here are some titles:

  • Brandon Vogt – Best Catholic Books of All Time
  • Bishop Barron – Bishop Barron’s Recommend Books
  • Mortimer Adler – Great Books of the Western World
  • Easton Press – 100 Greatest Books Ever Written
  • Art of Manliness – 50 Best Books for Boys and Young Men
  • Art of Manliness – 100 Books Every Man Should Read

2. Look at the endnotes, footnotes and bibliographies of books you enjoyed. You will discover new books that you never new existed.
3. Ask people that you admire, “What book that you recently read has most changed or impacted your life in a significant way?” Ask your priests, heroes, mentors teachers, people you aspire to be like, “What five books have most shaped or impacted your life?”