Informing and Forming

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“INFORMING AND FORMING our intellectual Power is essential for learning to love God with our whole mind.  Reading great literature enriches the human spirit.” 

Fr. John Bartunek 

 REDUCED BOOKS!!!    We have a HUGE amount of REDUCED BOOKS at GREAT prices.  We thought we would list some of the titles we have so you can peruse them.  If you are interested in any of them, please let us know.. we’d be happy to put them aside for you.

Curb side pickup is available Monday – Saturday from 8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.   Email us or call us at (807)343-9313 we’d be happy to help you out.

Please stay safe so we can once again get together when this is over.

Books under $5.00

Name Author
The End of the World David B. Currie
The Church and the Culture War Joyce Little
Woman and the Shaping of Catholicism Richard W. Miller
That time of Year Justin Press
Life Lessons Patrick Madrid
When the Disciple Comes of Age Diarmuid O’Murchu
How to Make the Case for God with Logic and Charity – Answering Atheism Trent Horn
The Word of Jesus in our Gospels Stanley B. Marrow
The Greatest Book Ever Written Fulton Oursler
Jesus in Gethsemane David M Stanley, S.J.
God and Stephen Hawking – Whose Design is it Anyway John C. Lennox
The Book of Revelation – What does it really say? Rev. John Randall S.T.D.
The Quest for the Creed Dwight Longenecker
Finding Sanctuary Abbot Christopher Jamison
The God Who Won’t Let Go Peter Van Breemen, S.J.
Why God is Hiding Patrick Meagher
Into the Deep – An Unlikely Catholic Conversion Abigale Rine Favale
The Four Signs of A Dynamic Catholic Matthew Kelly
Does the Bible Really Say That? Patrick Madrid
Made for Love Fr. Michael Schmitz
Wisome Persuasion – Christian Influence in a Post-Christian World Tim Muehlhoff & Richard Langer
The Tide is Turning Toward Catholicism David J. Hartline
A Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II Edward P. Hahnenberg
Thinking about God John Buell
The Immortal in You Michael Augros
Three-Way Concordance – Word/Phrase/Synonym Eugene H. Peterson
God’s Undertaker – Has Science Buried God? John C Lennox
Why Liberalism Failed Patrick J. Deneen
Truth Overruled – The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom Ryan T. Anderson
Truth to Power – The Journalism of A Benedictine Monk Andrew Murray Britz, OSB
Inside the Atheist Mind Anthony DeStefano
A Year with the Catechism – 365 Day Reading Plan Petroc Willey, Dominic Scotto, Donald Asci & Elizabeth Siegel

Books $5.00 up to $9.00

Name Author
Pilgrim Year (Advent) Steve Bell
Getting Past Perfect Kate Wicker
Your Worth It Danielle Bean
The Sacrament of Happy Lisa Harper
Heaven in the Stone and Glass Robert Barron
Forming Families in Faith – Cultivating Cathechesis in the Home Kathy Hendricks
The Art of Life Joan Chittister
Just Open the Door Jen Schmidt
Meet Your Mother  Mark Miravalle
Love is Patient but I’m Not Christopher West
Sanctify Your Daily Life Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski
Surprised by Truth Patrick Madrid
Surprised by Life Patrick Madrid
Ordinary Lives Extraordinary Mission John R. Wood
Render unto Caesar Charles J. Chaput
Beautiful Hope Matthew Kelly
Mission of the Family Jon Leonetti
We Are All One Joan Chittister
Life up Your Heart John Burns
Made for More Curtis Martin
Life from our Land Marcus Grodi
He Spoke to Us George William Rutler
Forty reasons I am a Catholic Peter Kreeft
The Long View Matthew Kelly
The Crusades Controversy Thomas F. Madden
Every Man’s Journey James P. Campbell

Books $10.00

Name Author
The Peace Promise John Kuypers
21 Ways to Worship Vinny Flynn
What is Dogma? Charles Cardinal Journet
Calm in Chaos “Catholic Wisdom for Anxious Times George William Rutler
Praying with a Pen Mary Beth Weisenburger
From the Kippah to the Cross Jean-Marie Elie Setbon
Doors in the Walls of the World Peter Kreeft
Live Big, Love Bigger Kathryn Whitaker
Remade for Happiness Fulton Sheen
Night’s Bright Darkness Sally Read
A Privilege of Being a Woman Alice von Hildebrand
Building the Benedict Option Leah Libresco
Your Questions God’s Answers Peter Kreeft
How to Share your Faith with Anyone Terry Barber
Word Made Flesh Christopher West
By What Authority Mark Shea
Uniformity with God’s Will Saint Alphonsus Ligouri
Make Today Matter Chris Lowney
Loved as I Am Miriam James Heidland, S.O.L.T.
Love Does Bob Geoff
7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness  

Books over $10.00

Name Author
One Beautiful Dream Jennifer Fulwiler
Go Bravely Emily Wilson Hussem
Walk a New Path Sylvain Lavoie, OMI
His Angels at Our Side Fr. John Horgan
Happiness – God & Man Christoph Cardinal Schonborn
Vision of Fatima Fr. Thomas McGlynn, O.P.
Experts in Humanity Josephine Lombardi
Girl Wash your Face Rachel Hollis
The Other Side of Beauty Leah Darrow
Mother Angelica – Her Grand Silence Raymond Arroyo
Mother Angelica’s – Guide to Practical Holiness Mother Angelica
Mother Angelica – The Remarkable Story of a Nun Raymond Arroyo
Be Transformed Bob Schuchts
Becoming Women of the Word Sarah Christmyer
Everybody Always Bob Goff
Invitation to Love Thomas Keating
The Grace of Enough Haley Stewart