…when it comes to my children.
…when the outcome doesn’t look like what I think it should look like.
…when you say no to me.
…when things aren’t going well.

We put conditions on our trust. Our trust issues go back to Adam and Eve in the garden. This is where our story begins. Satan told Adam and Eve that God was holding out on them, that they shouldn’t trust the heart of God. These lies of the enemy have infiltrated our lives. Each human being struggles with these same questions. Can I trust the heart of God? Can I trust his intentions? Can I trust that he is good? Adam and Eve believed the lie of the enemy, that God was holding out on them. They went their own way and tried to get something for themselves. We do the same. We tried to control things so we can have what we need or what we think is good for us. That story of the garden gets played out in each of our hearts throughout our lifetimes at many moments. We sometimes pray to God, asking him to do something, to take our fear away. We may feel like he isn’t showing up. We believe the lie of the enemy. This lack of trust exhibits itself in our need for control, in our fear and anxiety, and in our need to cover all our bases…just in case.

When we trust… there is peace, a calm, a letting go. There is an acceptance of what is to come, because we know, that no matter what, we are held in the palm of his hand and he loves us. We are his children. The Lord is asking for our complete trust.

We must have confidence that he is who he says he is, confidence in his character, his nature, and his love for us. We must be willing to be healed. We can pray, “Lord, I don’t trust you in this situation, and I don’t know if I want to trust. Please help me.” We can invite St. Faustina to be an intercessor for us and help teach us how to trust in Jesus.
“I am making myself dependent on your trust. If your trust is great, then my generosity will be without limit.” (Jesus to St. Faustina in her diary #548)