Message from Bishop Colli Regarding Lockdown Update

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

Concerning the Covid-19 Virus:

Virus – Jan 8 21

My Dear Friends: The province has directed the Grey Zone lock down to continue in northwestern Ontario for two additional weeks, ending on Saturday January 23, 2021. This decision means the extended closure of our churches and parish offices to the public during this time. I know this is a difficult situation for many, and that we had hoped to return to Mass on Sunday January 10th. However this is not possible. By working together and maintaining the protocols for safety, we can truly make a concerted effort to curtail the spread of this terrible virus in our homes and communities. I ask for your patience and understanding, and I thank you for your continued support to our parishes both emotionally and financially during this lock down. Please pray as a family, watch the Sunday Mass on social media at this time, ( and maintain safety for yourselves and for your families. We ask the Lord to guide us through this to safety.

I ask all our priests to continue celebrating their private Masses for their people and to lock all our churches and parish offices at this time. Telephone calls can be maintained. There are however, no public services to be held. We will return to Mass on Sunday January 24, 2021. Any funerals must be conducted at the funeral home during this lock down. Thank you again for your patience and understanding and for your prayers.

+Fred J. Colli
Bishop of Thunder Bay