New Books September 2023

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

New Books in are:

  • Holy Moments by Matthew Kelly
  • Beautiful Eucharist
  • The Rocking Chair Prophet by Matthew Kelly

It’s time to let Holy Moments show you what is possible. It’s time to explore your soul-potential. You have so much more to offer. You know it. You have sensed it for some time now. This sacred truth has been bubbling up in your soul. But you have never known quite what to do about it. All that is about to change. Some ideas are so powerful that simply becoming aware of them, changes our lives forever. Holy Moments is such an idea. It is profoundly simple, astonishingly practical, and once you discover it, your life will finally make sense.

Nothing will transform your life quite like a personal encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist. When we encounter Jesus, he changes us in powerful and unexpected ways. He heals us, brings us peace and clarity, models how to relate with others, and teaches us the lessons we need to learn to navigate the everyday situations of our lives. In the Eucharist we meet with the same Jesus who healed the blind, forgave sins, and rose from the dead. Are you ready to discover how he can transform your life too?

The Rocking Chair Prophet is a rich exploration of life and the human condition. It’s an invitation to rediscover yourself and reorient your life. Matthew Kelly has masterfully woven into the story a piercing wisdom that is thought-provoking on a life-changing scale. It is stunning that one book can have something so meaningful to say on so many topics. This is destined to be a book readers return to time and again, a book that speaks to us anew in every season of life.