Prepare for your Lenten Journey

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

LENT BEGINS FEBRUARY 22 – Lent is just around the corner…what will you do to prepare for this important season in the Church?

Suitable Books for Lent 2023 – Full PDF Poster

Prayer— Prayer for everyone is different, for some is it saying the Rosary or a Spiritual book, but for some it is a way of reflecting that is Prayer for them.  Prayer is conversation and communion with God.  Prayer is something we should do often and what a better time to start but during Lent.

Fasting— Besides following the laws of abstinence and fasting and adding personal restrictions in extra food and entertainment, fasting can also be applied to the way we treat each other. We should try replacing hurtful and unkind words with kind and positive words.

Almsgiving — This category is not just about money but can also be seen as “Acts of Love.” The acts of love should happen first at home with the family, and then we extend outside of our home.

Why not stop by the Catholic Pastoral Centre to pick up your copy of one of these books to help you prepare for Lent.

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