Preparing for Advent

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Advent is the time to prepare for the arrival of Jesus. The Season of Advent is filled with many signs and symbols that provide the meaning of days and weeks leading up to the celebration of Christ’s birth on Christmas.

Preparing for Advent 2022 PDF Poster

Advent Calendars – ways to count the days of December until Christ’s birth. Opening a pocket or window that has candy, a Scripture verse, a poem or a little gift or ornament that can sometimes be added to a larger display of a manger scene or Christmas tree. Advent Wreath – Each Sunday during Advent a new candle lit. Purple candles symbolize repentance and blue candles mean hope. The pink or rose candle is lit on the Third Sunday of Advent, meaning “Rejoice”. Trimming the Tree – the Christmas tree is a sign during the weeks of anticipation that our Lord Jesus is ever-present, and the branches on an evergreen that naturally point to the sky reminds us that we, in our living, should always point to heaven. Caroling – not only brings a smile to our face, but it reminds us of the song of the angels
that started it all: “Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth”.

Advent is our time for reflection, meditation and preparation.