Rest and Play – By Hannah Hay

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

Are you resting and playing this summer? Rest is something with which I have always struggled. Our society values busyness. I have always felt as if I had to earn my rest in some way. I had to complete so many tasks before I could allow myself to rest. True confession: sometimes after I had spent the entire day working very hard, cleaning, laundry, caring for small children, meal prep, etc, I would finally rest on the couch. However, when I heard my husband drive in I felt completely guilty and I would get off the couch and get busy doing something! Why did I feel the need to do this? My husband would be the first person to tell me to sit down and take a rest, or better yet, to play. It was as if I felt I did not have the right to do that. I am a mom for goodness sake. I don’t have time or the privilege to rest, let alone play. I wish I could go back in time to when my children were small. I would spend more time resting and playing, and learning from them. We have to have that allotment of the recreation that brings us beyond ourselves and into joy. As adults in society today, there is such a high value placed on productivity. When we do have time to rest or play, we participate in endless scrolling on social media, Netflix, or some other form of adult distraction.

In the spring, I took a 6 week online class through Reform Wellness ( Reform is a functional medicine and holistic wellness practice rooted in Christ. They redefine health as a state of body and soul, together. This summer I have been trying to make some changes in my life, in an attempt to become the best version of myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have been trying to take a daily Sabbath in which I take a nap even if it is for 15 minutes. I have been faithful to my weekly Sabbath. I do not work on Sunday. I do not do laundry, clean, or shop. It is a day to honour the Lord, and spend time with family and friends. I have been taking more walks, riding my bike, and playing on the beach with the dog. I have read more books than ever! I have also learned the gift of an audiobook! I listen to them when on a walk. I am going to bed at the same time everyday, and waking at the same time everyday. This is not always easy. At Reform, I learned that when something is difficult to do, it helps to attach an intention to it. I get up at the same time everyday for the intention of my youngest child. I go to bed at the same time daily for the intention of my middle child. I drink eight glasses of water a day for the intention of my oldest child. Therefore, when I am tempted to not do that which I should do, for my state of wellness, I am much less likely to abandon ship! I will continue to share some of the things I have learned on my very slow journey to wholeness and holiness.

Reform wellness has a monthly newsletter and monthly seminars as well as the Reform Online Live class.