The Bible in a Year has changed Everything

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The Bible in a Year

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St. Jerome famously said, “Ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ.”

Reading the Bible with Fr. Mike has enlightened my perspective on the readings, the psalms and the hymns. God desires to relate to us not as a master to a slave, but as a Father to sons and daughters. God wants us to belong to Him, not to just believe in Him. Whenever we sin, there is always a lack of trust in the Father’s goodness. We want to control our lives. God wants to bless our lives. The Bible is relevant to our lives today. Our lives mirror the people in these stories. They are messy and we are broken. When we read the Bible through this lens, we see how God uses their brokenness to accomplish great things. He does the same for us. Even our broken stories can be part of His story. There is nothing God cannot use when we give it to Him. The more we immerse ourselves in God’s Word…it changes how we see, how we think, how we love. Our minds are transformed by the grace of God.