Update on Covid-19 for Parishes in the Diocese – September 1, 2022

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

The Vaccination Policy is no longer in force in the diocese, however, with the number of Covid-19 cases seeming to be increasing in northwestern Ontario, I am
asking that the following measures remain in place for the safety of all ministers and congregations.

1. Using masks and physical distancing are optional, and respect is to be shown to those who wish to continue to wear a mask or share physical distancing.
2. Holy Communion is still to be received in the hand. Those who wish to receive on the tongue must come at the end of the communion line. Ministers of communion must wear a mask and sanitize their hands before distribution.
3. Collections and processions may commence in all churches. Parish meetings and funeral receptions may commence and refreshments may be served. Children’s Liturgy is optional at this time. Care must be taken and there must be proper supervision etc. in place, if held.
4. Hand sanitation stations should be kept at all church doors, and parish churches and halls, including washrooms, should be kept clean and sanitized.
5. Parishioners who are displaying any symptoms of Covid (coughing, fever, weakness, fatigue, muscle pain etc.) are asked to please remain at home until they are well.

These measures are based on the present situation (Sept. 1) and may change dependent upon any notices we receive from the local health agencies concerning Covid-19.