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The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

The Biggest Lie - Matthew Kelly

The latest book by Matthew Kelly is my favourite so far, and here’s why…. As a Catholic who works for the Church, I often find myself having to stand up to myths, lies, and criticism about the faith that I love so much.

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Christmas Stories: Bishop Colli’s Christmas Message

Christmas Stories 2018

Each year, as the Christmas season rolls around, I look to see if there are any new Christmas stories that speak of this special time. In the past I have used the story of the Kneeling Santa, the story of the Candy Cane, the story of the Shepherd, the Golden Slippers, and the story of…

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Understanding Scripture, Series 8 – Session 1

Msgr. Stilla - Bible Series #8

Series #8 of Msgr. Stilla’s Bible Series. These sessions are designed to help us better understand and appreciate our faith. Topics covered will be: a) The Awareness of Sin and All Its Deceptive Aspects; b) How the Church Thrives on Challenges in the New Testament; and c) Preparing for the Season: A Closer Look at…

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