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10 Ways to Reduce Distractions in Prayer

Religious Goods

“A hungry man does not have to be reminded to eat.” Those were the words of my pastor after I confessed that I often allow myself to be distracted. “If you hunger for God more, you will be distracted less,” he said.

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Im Memory of Fr. Milton McWatch

Fr. Milton McWatch

Father Milton McWatch has passed away and his funeral was today. In memory of him I have posted this reflection he did for the Year of Mercy last year.

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Praying the Angelus

The Angelus is a centuries-old Catholic devotion that recalls the annunciation of Christ’s birth by the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. In Praying the Angelus, popular author and speaker Jared Dees reinvigorates the devotion, shares intimately from his own experience of it, shows us how to get started, and enriches the practice with original…

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Reel Review with Fr. Luigi – November 2017

Reel Review October 2017 - Mother Teresa

What is the message of this movie? This movie is an inspiring true story of Harold Abraham (Eric Liddell) and the team that brought England to one of the finest and greatest sport victories at the 1924 Olympic Games.

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