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The word Cursillo is a Spanish word that means “short course”. Cursillo Thunder Bay is a short course put on for lay Catholics by other lay Catholics assisted by a Priest and/or Deacon. However, often religious persons such as priests, deacons, sisters, brothers etc will also make a Cursillo weekend.

Secretariat Invite

An Open Letter to All Diocese of Thunder Bay Cursillistas

The Diocese of Thunder Bay Cursillo movement needs your help.  We need people to step up and fill some of the vacant roles on the Secretariat.

At this time the following positions require filling.

Lay Director:  Oversee the function of the Secretariat to ensure everyone involved has the support and tools needed to perform their roles.  Chair Secretariat meetings.  Represent the Thunder Bay movement at annual Canadian Conference of Catholic Cursillo if they are available.

Write an annual report to the Bishop on the Cursillo activities taking place within the Diocese.  Solicit an annual donation from the Bishop to support Cursillo Weekends.

Secretary: The role of the secretary is to take minutes at monthly meetings.  To send out notice of upcoming Secretariat meetings and the agenda for those meetings.  Distribute notices of upcoming events such as Ultreyas.  Distribute the CCCC newsletter Fully Alive when it is published.

This position requires approximately 2 to 3 hrs work per month and the Secretariat does not meet in July or August.

Treasurer: The role of the treasurer is to keep track of the movement’s income and expenses and report on such at monthly meetings.

4th Day Chair: The role of the 4th Day Chair is to arrange Ultreyas.  Finding monthly witnesses (not necessarily on their own but with the support of all active cursillistas).  Ensuring the venue is open each month for the Ultreya (obtaining keys if necessary).  Ensuring that (with help) the venue is left in the state it was found prior to the Ultreya.


None of the above roles require a large time commitment and all of the roles are critical to the survival of the leadership (Secretariat) of the Diocese of Thunder Bay Cursillo. We need your support.  We need people to step up and keep the Secretariat functioning so Weekends can be arranged for all those who would benefit from living a Cursillo Weekend.

The Weekend is just the first step on a lifelong journey living as Christ would have us live by the best possible means loving friendship.  Ultreyas also depend on a functioning Secretariat.  It would be a terrible loss to the Diocese if Cursillo could no longer function due to lack of a Secretariat.

Please, please take time in prayer and ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern if this is the path for you.  Please pray concerning all of the cursillistas you know to determine if you feel one of your friends might be the one to step up and this time of great need for the Thunder Bay movement.

Send email responses to; or phone 807-621-4468

De Colores


Below is the most recent Cursillo application form.

Cursillo Application 2022


October 26th, 2022

Hello fellow Cursillistas!

In-person Ultreya gatherings have started again after a long time away.  We hope you can join in at least some of them for fellowship and sharing the joy and blessings of our faith in Christ.

Attached is the schedule of Ultreya dates for the 2022 - 23 season.  The upcoming one is next week, November 2nd. The Ultreyas take place on the first Wednesday of every month, at 7:30pm, at the Pastoral Center on Reaume St. (off Central Ave, behind police station).

Looking forward to seeing you all again!!

De Colores!
Marcia Brunelle


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