Bishops Office

Executive Secretary

Susan Nistico is the executive secretary and director of personnel to the Bishop. Susan can be reached at:

By Email: or
By calling the Pastoral Centre.

The Diocesan Development Office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Thunder Bay exists for the purpose of educating the local church, clergy and laity, towards stewardship.

The Diocesan Calendar will show Bishop, Parish, Youth and Diocesan events.

Communications & Webmaster

Stewart is the current webmaster and is available at the Diocese office between the hours of 9:00 am and 12:00 noon on Mondays, except for holidays. I will be available on Tuesdays when the Holiday falls on a Monday.


Emergencies: Multee Media Corp.
Phone #: 807-622-1966

Finance Office

The responsibility of this office is to maintain proper accounting of diocesan finances and bookkeeping.  This office assists parishes with questions about finances, taxation, diocesan assessments, benefits programs, pension issues, and financial reporting from parishes to the Diocese.  In union with this office and the Diocesan Finance Council, a yearly workshop is held at the Pastoral Centre to assist Parishes and Pastors in the financial record keeping and other financial matters.

Contact: Debbie Keating