Development Office

Mission Statement

The Development office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Thunder Bay exists for the purpose of educating the local church, clergy and laity, towards stewardship.

Through the annual Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign ("SHARING THE CHALLENGES") which funds diocesan services, we reach out to open minds and hearts to the understanding of giving as an expression of our gratitude to God.

While we respect each person's attitude and decision as regards financial giving to the Church, we continue to strive to broaden the horizons of this important element of church membership.

Statement from Bishop Colli

Bishop Colli and Fr. Stilla

2024 Message

Bishops Campaign 2024 PDF

In many of his talks and sermons, Pope Francis notes how our memories are important and our past experiences shape our lives in many ways. He said that remembering those special moments in our past gives us a boost of faith and hope for the future, and that these memories would instill in us a sense of ‘gratitude’. Now gratitude is defined as: “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”. In my 25 years as the bishop of Thunder Bay, I have witnessed and experienced the great generosity of the people of our parishes and of northwestern Ontario, and this generosity fills my heart with gratitude.

I believe generosity is prompted by gratitude. When people recognize the good things that have touched their lives, then gratitude prompts them to be even more generous in their sharing with others. We know that in sharing and giving, we are given a special sense of joy and happiness through our actions. This joy and happiness also prompt gratitude in our hearts.

Everyone I am sure, can think back of the good things and many blessings they have received over the years, and especially in our community, where we live in peace and harmony, in freedom and with the ability to learn and achieve many good goals. This all prompts us to be grateful in our hearts and to thank the Lord for the blessings and graces we have received. We know also that there are many challenges that touch our lives, and Pope Francis notes that even these should prompt some gratitude, since these challenges help us to learn and to grow as a person, they help us to build character and wisdom and they encourage us to always strive for the better.

As I have said, the generosity, the caring and the concern that is demonstrated by the good people of northwestern Ontario for almost any cause or needy project, has always been most evident in our community. Maybe this generous response is a part of our need for self-sufficiency in northern Ontario where communities are stretched apart by distance, or maybe it is the result of many years of caring and providing for others in a climate that can also be very challenging. Whatever the reason, generosity is very evident, and this is nurtured by our gratitude for all that we have.

This leads me into my annual appeal to the people of our parishes and to our community, to respond to our needs once again through the annual Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign 2024. As you can see by the outline of all the projects, our needs have increased a bit this year as we reach out to struggling parishes, support our priests and deacons in education, encourage our youth in their special projects and in supporting the bishop and his office, these are all a part of this year’s campaign statement. The funds are necessary as we also reach out to needy families, support refugees and our Indigenous peoples, use means to develop our understanding of our Catholic faith and finance support programs for many parishes.

Your contributions are so important to this annual campaign that our diocese could not achieve many goals or reach out as we do, without this funding. I am aware that there are many good causes that call on us for financial assistance, but I hope and pray that you will see our annual Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign as a
priority for your giving. I also wish to ‘thank you’ for your past generosity in this campaign, which has been very much appreciated.

I ask the Lord to bless you and your families for your generosity and may your gift prompt your heart to be filled with ‘gratitude’ - which truly is the key to joy and happiness in our lives.

Bishop Fred Colli,
Bishop of Thunder Bay

Diocesan Ministries


Adult Faith Office

Allocation Amount - $50,000.

Provides support for liturgical ministries and the resource library at the Pastoral Centre that offers a wide variety of religious materials for workshops, conferences, study programs and sacramental preparation programs for children and adults. The office also
offers a variety of books, videos, and articles on religious issues for personal study and gifts, through the All Seasons Gift Shop.

Office of Worship
Indigenous Ministries Office and Anemki-Wadj


Youth Ministry

Allocation Amount - $15,000.

Provides training for youth leaders, retreats for youth and resources for such programs as NET, Salt and Light retreats, and parish youth programs, the Catholic Club at Lakehead University and Catholic Christian Outreach programs.

Social Services

Diocesan Marriage Tribunal

Allocation Amount - $20,000.

Provides help to those who need to reconcile their marriage with the Church through the annulment process.

Refugee Settlement
Catholic Support Programs
Diocesan Aid
Social Communications

Truth and Healing Ministries

Truth and Healing Ministries

Allocation Amount - $50,000.

(Noojimo'iwewin ne'en da'ing - Healing of the Hearts)

In union with all the Catholic Churches in Canada, these funds will be used for special projects of healing and reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples in the Diocese of Thunder Bay. These funds will be used in the Diocese of Thunder Bay and in consultation and with the approval of the bishop and our Elders Committee.



Allocation Amount - $5,000.

Promotes vocations to the priesthood and the permanent diaconate in the Diocese of Thunder Bay.

Permanent Diaconate Program and Ongoing Education for Permanent Deacons
Ongoing Education of Priests
Priests' Infirm Fund
Priests' Pension Fund

$435,000 Total Goal

Contact Information

Susan Nistico (Diocesan Ministry Campaign)
Development Office, Diocese of Thunder Bay
P.O. Box 10400,
Thunder Bay ON, P7B 6T8