Development Office

Mission Statement

The Development office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Thunder Bay exists for the purpose of educating the local church, clergy and laity, towards stewardship.

Through the annual Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign ("SHARING THE CHALLENGES") which funds diocesan services, we reach out to open minds and hearts to the understanding of giving as an expression of our gratitude to God.

While we respect each person's attitude and decision as regards financial giving to the Church, we continue to strive to broaden the horizons of this important element of church membership.

Statement from Bishop Colli

Bishop Colli and Fr. Stilla

2023 Message

As we begin our annual Bishop's Diocesan Ministry Campaign for 2023, you will see that our theme this year is "Serving the Lord". Service is such an important component in our lives as Christians. Jesus himself said: "I have come not to be served, but to serve." Matt.20:28. Following the example of Jesus, we take seriously his command and his instruction to us. Serving the Lord means, serving one another in the name of the Lord. We see this demonstrated in the many actions of charity and good will that are performed each day all around us.

We see this service in our parish churches, with priests, deacons, ministers of service, laity, and everyone working together, on weekends, so our Sunday Celebrations are fitting times of pray and Praise to God. We see this service in our outreach to others through the St. Vincent de Paul Society, through the Catholic Action Centre, through the many food banks, the Dew Drop Inn and other service agencies in our communities. We know that service is also a very important part of our community living in society.

As Christians, our service carries an additional component in that it is done, not just in a humanitarian spirit but also as a response to Jesus and His call to service for all who follow Him. It is a part of our vocation as a Christian. Jesus taught us to love and serve one another with generous hearts and He reminded us that our good deeds and acts of charity will not go unrewarded. There are many quotes in the scriptures where Jesus reminds His disciples that charity or love is at the heart of all believers and His life and sacrifice is the greatest act of love which rewards us with salvation and eternal life.

Our campaign this year highlights the many forms of outreach and charity that our diocesan family shares. Our case statement for our 2023 campaign is similar to last year, since these needs do not change that much each year. We note especially our outreach to people needing clothing and food, youth and their ministries, diocesan needs to serve the entire faith family of northwestern Ontario, parishes struggling and needing support and encouragement, along with the ongoing education of our priests and deacons and the training of deacon candidates and our support to our retired priests.

We are praying this year for an increase in vocations to priesthood for our diocese. We need local priests to serve in our parishes and we know that vocations come from the families in our diocesan church. Our prayer is that the Lord will touch the hearts of young men to seriously consider being a priest and to serve after the example of Jesus.

The priest is essential for the proper growth of a parish community. The priest brings his gifts and talents to the community he is called to serve, but also he brings us Christ in his example and in the Eucharist and the other sacraments, and our parish communities are strengthened in our united prayer on Sunday. Please pray for vocations, so there will always be priests to serve the parishes in our diocese.

As the bishop, I want to thank you for your continued generosity to my annual Diocesan Ministry Campaign. Your gift allows me to continue the work of evangelization and making the Gospel real and vibrant through our parishes in northwestern Ontario. I realize that the financial situation for many is very challenging today, and I appreciate your concern for my needs. May your generosity keep our faith and our church communities strong and thriving, as together we seek to "Serve the Lord." I ask God's blessings upon you and your families.

Bishop Fred Colli,
Bishop of Thunder Bay

Diocesan Ministries


Adult Faith Office

Allocation Amount - $50,000.

Provides support for liturgical ministries and the resource library at the Catholic Pastoral Centre that offers a wide variety of religious materials for workshops, conferences, study programs and sacramental preparation programs for children and adults. The office also offers a variety of books, videos, and articles on religious issues for personal study and gifts.

Office of Worship
Indigenous Ministries Office and Anemki-Wadj


Youth Ministry

Allocation Amount - $15,000.

Provides training for youth leaders, retreats for youth and resources for such programs as NET, Salt and Light retreats, and parish youth programs, the Catholic Club at Lakehead University and Catholic Christian Outreach programs.

Social Services

Diocesan Marriage Tribunal

Allocation Amount - $20,000.

Provides help to those who need to reconcile their marriage with the Church through the annulment process.

Refugee Settlement
Catholic Support Programs
Diocesan Aid
Social Communications

Truth and Healing Ministries

Truth and Healing Ministries

Allocation Amount - $50,000.

(Noojimo'iwewin ne'en da'ing - Healing of the Hearts)

In union with all the Catholic Churches in Canada, these funds will be used for special projects of healing and reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples in the Diocese of Thunder Bay. These funds will be used in the Diocese of Thunder Bay and in consultation and with the approval of the bishop and our Elders Committee.



Allocation Amount - $2,000.

Promotes vocations to the priesthood and the permanent diaconate in the Diocese of Thunder Bay.

Permanent Diaconate Program
Ongoing Education for Permanent Deacons
Ongoing Education of Priests
Priests' Infirm Fund
Priests' Pension Fund

$400,000 Total Goal

Contact Information

Susan Nistico (Diocesan Ministry Campaign)
Development Office, Diocese of Thunder Bay
P.O. Box 10400,
Thunder Bay ON, P7B 6T8