Mission Statement


The Development office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Thunder Bay exists for the purpose of educating the local church, clergy and laity, towards stewardship.

Through the annual Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign ("SHARING THE CHALLENGES") which funds diocesan services, we reach out to open minds and hearts to the understanding of giving as an expression of our gratitude to God.

While we respect each person's attitude and decision as regards financial giving to the Church, we continue to strive to broaden the horizons of this important element of church membership.





YOU came to tell us that the meaning of life is in giving.
YOU told us that those who cling to what they have
— without thought for YOU or others —
end up losing everything.


YOU gave us new values by which to measure
the worth of human life.


Help us to realize it is not temporal success or riches or fame that
gives life meaning. Rather it is the service rendered to YOU and others
that brings fulfillment and makes our lives worthwhile.


May all our activity help build GOD’S Kingdom, our obedience bring about true freedom, our generosity increase love, our sacrifice bear generous fruit, our death lead to eternal life.


My Dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ:


My Dear Friends:


The theme for the 50th International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, Ireland, in 2012 is: The Eucharist: Communion with Christ and with one another. We have also chosen this theme for the basis of our annual campaign this year. The theme clearly identifies who we are as Church and our link to the Lord and each other in our faith. Communion is a word we use often. It means not only receiving Holy Communion at Mass, but (from the Greek work "koinonia" in the New Testament) it means a linking of people in a new way. The members of this new Church formed by Jesus are connected to one another in relationships marked by love, freedom, truth, equality and reciprocity or sharing.


As we begin our annual campaign this year, I think this theme also reflects our experience as a Church in northwestern Ontario. We are a family of faith, some 75,000 strong, who believe in and live within this new community called "Church" with Christ as our head. We are nourished at our parishes through Mass and Holy Communion, and we reach out in service and generosity to one another because of our common faith. We realize that this faith prompts us to reach beyond our individual parishes and families to the greater and larger family of the diocese and our world.

Your support to me each year, to maintain our diocesan ministries, allows me and our parish churches to respond to the needs and developments in our modem world. Your support for youth, for the needy, for families, for the continued growth and education of our priests and deacons, and for developments in liturgy and faith learning are all important to the health and growth of our Catholic faith community. It demonstrates our union with Christ and with one another.

Your continued generosity over the past years has made our many programs possible and has provided for the funding needs of our diocese. Funds from our Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign are essential in order for our faith community to build the bridges we need for mutual support. Your consistent generosity shows me the love and concern you have for the Diocese of Thunder Bay and your willingness to keep our diocesan family in union with Christ and with one another.

I am grateful for your past support and look for it again this year. I express gratitude to the priests who encourage you in your support for our campaign. During these economic times, I know that there are many challenges and demands placed upon us, and we must set priorities for our donations. Please consider this diocesan campaign a priority for you.

I want to thank you again for your past generosity and I promise to be a responsible steward, in union with our priests, for the funds collected. The Eucharist will nourish us and bring us closer together with Christ and one another. May God continue to bless you and your families for your generosity.

Sincerely in Christ,

+ Fred Colli

Most Rev. Fred J. Colli,
Bishop of Thunder Bay


Bishop’s Diocesan Ministry Campaign


Please make cheques payable to: 
"Diocese of Thunder Bay / (your parish)."


Campaign Goal: $450,000





100 %   100 %
90 %   90 %
80 %   80 %
70 %   70 %
60 %   60 %
50 %   50 %
40 %   40 %
30 %   30 %
20 %   20 %
10 %   10 %






Adult Faith Office

Office of Worship/Liturgy 20,000
Diocesan Missions 40,000
Office of Catholic Education 5,000
University Chaplaincy 35,000
Youth Ministry 30,000
TEC Ministry (Office/Programs/Training) 5,000
Social Services:  
Family Support Services 70,000
Marriage Tribunal 35,000
Refugee Settlement 20,000
Catholic Action 45,000
(includes store, soup kitchen, youth drop-in)  
Vocations Promotion 10,000
Ongoing Education — Priests 30,000
Ongoing Education — Deacons 10,000
Priests’ Pension Fund 20,000
Priests’ Infirm Fund 25,000
Diaconate Program 15,000


Descriptions of Allocations


Adult Faith Formation

Houses a Religious Resource Library and provides support for liturgical ministries. Administration: $3,500. Office expenses: $4,800. Expenses: $6,000. Workshops, mailings, conferences, and materials: $20,700. Three volunteers.

Office of Worship/Liturgy

Provides programs designed to enhance liturgical awareness and meaningful celebrations. Administration: $2,000. Office expenses: $500. Cathedral events: $8,500. Workshops on liturgy and diocesan liturgical events, meetings, supplies: $9,000.


Diocesan Missions

Assists smaller faith communities and their clergy operating in remote areas of our diocese. Administration: $4,000; Office rent: $1,000; Parish support for Armstrong: $6,000. Balmertown: $12,000. Nipigon: $6,000. Red Rock: $6,000. Native Ministries: $5,000.


Office of Catholic Education

Nurtures a close relationship between the diocese and our Catholic School Boards. Administration: $500. Office costs: $500. Materials for Catholic educators: $4,000.


University Chaplaincy

Offers counseling, support workshops, Masses and other liturgies for the University community. Administration: $3,500; One full time chaplain, Sr. Alice Greer, C.S.J., Ed.D.: $32,000 (salary and benefits).

Youth Ministry

Trains youth leaders and initiates faith-based experiences for youth. Administration: $3,000. Office expenses: $4,000; Youth support for programs and materials: $23,000 (NET, Salt & Light).

TEC Ministry

Assists in faith development for youth through retreats and ongoing formation. Administration: $500. Office expenses: $500. Supplies and support for program (mailings, materials, conferences, workshops): $4,000. D. DeBruyne, Director.

Family Support Services

Encourages Catholic values for families in need of support and counseling. The Catholic Family Development Centre offers a variety of support programs. Administration: $7,000. Supplementary for Catholic Family Development Centre: $63,000.

Marriage Tribunal

Provides help to those who need healing through the annulment process. Administration: $3,500. Office expenses: $4,800. Supplementary: $26,700. Two employees.

Refugee Settlement

Provides assistance to parishes /groups seeking to sponsor a Refugee Family to Canada. Assists immigrants with clothing, housing, government issues and friendship. Administration: $2,000. Operations for D.O.O.R.S.: $18,000.

Catholic Action / St. Vincent de Paul

Financially assists Catholic Action groups. Administration: $4,500. Catholic Hospitals of Ontario: $15,000. Catholic Bioethics Centre: $2,500. Cursillo: $1,000. Birthright, $2,000. Natural Family Planning, $5,000. 


Vocations Promotion

Promotes vocations to the priesthood in the diocese. Administration: $500. Conferences, workshops, materials and advertisements: $9,500. Fr. M. Mahoney and Fr. R. Kowalchuk, Directors.

Ongoing Education - Priests

Provides workshops and study opportunities for our priests to aid them in their ministry. Administration: $3,000. Retreats, study days, meetings: $7,000-$15,000. Priests on sabbatical: $7,000-$15,000.


Ongoing Education - Deacons

With formation programs that continue to educate our deacons in their ministry. Administration: $1,000. Office expenses, $500. Memberships, meetings, study materials, conferences: $8,500. Director, Deacon Charles Johnston.

Priests' Pension Fund

Supplements the pension fund of our priests for their future retirement needs. Administration: $2,000. Each priest receives a supplement of $600 annually towards their pension plans.

Priest Infirm Fund

To assist in expenses of priests who are retired and residing in heath care facilities. Support costs: $16,000. Retired priests health care costs: $6,000. Retreat cost: $3,000.
Diaconate Program

Trains those seeking to become permanent deacons and ministers of service. Administration: $1,500. Professors, materials, food and travel expenses for men studying for permanent diaconate: $13,500.



Roy Piovesana (Development Office)

Susan Nistico (Diocesan Ministry Campaign)

Development Office, Diocese of Thunder Bay

P.O. Box 10400,
Thunder Bay ON, P7B 6T8

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