Important Clergy News (Coronavirus)

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

Due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus – COVID-19, and even though there are no known cases in northern Ontario at this point, as a precaution, I am strongly encouraging the following actions for our parishes:

  1. Kiss of Peace at Mass, no handshaking, but a slight BOW to wish the peace of Christ to one another. Please announce this at the invitation.
  2. Communion from the cup to cease at this time, except for the priest and ministers at the altar.
  3. Communion ministers, including priests and deacons, are asked to thoroughly wash their hands with soap before every Mass.
  4. Parish washrooms are to be kept very clean and if possible sanitized.
  5. Door handles, hand railings, holy water stoups and the tops of pew backs should be wiped and kept clean.
  6. Parishioners are encouraged to wash their hands before coming to Mass and to avoid touching their face, eyes, nose mouth in public places.
  7. People not well or with slight colds or coughs are encouraged to stay home. If you are sick, your obligation for Sunday Mass ceases.

If you have any questions concerning these directives, please contact me at the Pastoral Centre. Thank You.

Thank you.

Fred J. Colli
Bishop of Thunder Bay