On Good Friday evening, Corpus Christi parishioners were invited to pray the Stations of the Cross, with the "pictures" of each station made up of youth and young adults from the parish.  For at least fifteen years, live Stations of the Cross have been held at Corpus Christi on Good Friday, originally organized through the TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) program, under the leadership of TEC Director, Debbie DeBruyne.  For many years after, the Youth Ministry team at Corpus Christi organized them, and for the past two years, they returned to being organized by Debbie, through TEC.  "TEC people are always involved and we always invite youth from the parish to participate", Debbie explained.  "It is a teaching moment and a way for TEC to evangelize parishioners and parish youth."  The youth involved as the characters always talk about how this experience helped them to better understand the Stations of the Cross and what Jesus and the others there experienced.  Those who come to watch and pray the Stations often comment that seeing real people in the tableau pictures, brings them to a deeper place of prayer and love for our Saviour's sacrifice.  It is not uncommon to hear and see that people in the pews are crying.  The New Evangelization in action!

A charism of TEC is Evangelization through a multi-generation approach.  That was beautifully portrayed between the rehearsal and praying of the Stations, as all involved gathered for a light meatless supper, and the older generation shared some knowledge about the roots of the Stations of the Cross and of fasting.