Matthew Kelly Virtual Event

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Matthew Kelly Virtual Event

Virtual Events and Online Conferences!

COVID-19 has been very difficult in so many ways. However, there have also been many positive outcomes thus far. One of those is that we now have the opportunity to attend many Catholic events, studies, webinars, and conferences online. Previously, many renown speakers would offer only in person events. We would have to take time off work, travel, pay for hotels, restaurants, etc. For many of us, the cost was prohibitive. During this time of COVID-19, I have attended three weekend conferences thus far, and all of them were free! Most will give the option of purchasing a “VIP Pass” which may allow you to have access to the conference for an extended length of time, or it may allow you to enter chat dialogue with the speakers, etc.

During the next few weeks, we will be sending out notifications of events being offered in the comfort of your own home.

First up…Matthew Kelly! Click on the following link to go to the Dynamic Catholic Website. There is a cost to attend this event. However, it is much less than it would be to attend in person!

Amazing possibilities: with Matthew Kelly