Adult Faith Education

Mission Statement

  • to provide service to parishes in areas of religious information;
  • to foster a personal relationship with the Risen Lord;
  • to facilitate growth in leadership in the faith community;
  • to heighten awareness of social needs;
  • to evangelize.

If you would like more information from the Adult Faith Office, or would like to visit the office, please call Hannah Hay at (807) 343-9313 or email

Adult Faith Latest Updates

Resource Library

Books in the Resource Library are grouped by category, rather than by number. The hope is that our guests will be able to find books more easily and will be encouraged to read more books!  The multimedia section is being updated as well to include some of the most current resources available from Dynamic Catholic, Word on Fire and Ignatius Press. Stay tuned for new arrivals!

“The one who knows more loves more.”  St. Catherine of Siena

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Bible and Rosary

The Best Lent Ever 2024 Books

January 22, 2024

We have what you need to make this “The Best Lent Ever”. Some books to consider:

Msgr. Pat Stilla - YouTube and DVD Video Series

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Msgr. Stilla - Understanding Scripture, Series 2, Session 2

Understanding Scripture, Series 2 – Session 2

November 2, 2015

Msgr. Stilla Presents 3 talks on how to understand and Interpret Scripture. Presented by the Adult…

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