When I Was Hungry & Thirsty Statue (Dew Drop Inn)

Diocese of Thunder Bay Crest

In Recognition of the Volunteers at the Dew Drop Inn The Diocese of Thunder Bay in union with the Dew Drop Inn would like to establish a statue of Jesus in recognition of the many Volunteers who assist at the Drew Drop Inn in feeding the hungry. The life size statues of Jesus is done by the Canadian artist Timothy P. Schmalz and is entitled: “When I was Hungry and Thirsty” and will be placced in an area outside of the Dew Drop Inn.

We are inviting others to share in the cost of this statue, which is approximately $20,000. Donations in recognition of the Volunteers can be made to the Diocese of Thunder Bay on our website (www.dotb.ca) or directly to the Pastoral Centre at Box 10400, Thunder Bay, Ontario, P7B 6T8. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your interest in this special recognition of generous volunteers at the Drew Drop Inn. Bishop Fred Colli.