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House Blessing 2018

House Blessing

This weekend we celebrated the Blessed Feast of the Epiphany. One of the customs of the Epiphany is to bless your home. The following is a blessing that can be used for this purpose:

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Reel Review with Fr. Luigi – December 2017

Reel Review - Young Messiah

What is the message of this movie? It is clearly “a spectacular movie for the whole family” who likes to spend an evening together and enjoy the original presentation imagining a year in the boyhood of Jesus.

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Bishop Colli’s Message for Christmas 2017

Nativity Scene - Christmas 2017

In many of our churches, usually at the beginning of the evening Mass, the hymn “O Holy Night” is sung. It is a traditional hymn and carries with it, not only the story of the birth of Jesus, but also much sentiment and emotion because of its musical setting.

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10 Ways to Reduce Distractions in Prayer

Religious Goods

“A hungry man does not have to be reminded to eat.” Those were the words of my pastor after I confessed that I often allow myself to be distracted. “If you hunger for God more, you will be distracted less,” he said.

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